We are providing money making opportunities for talented cricket authors and photographers. Freelance authors and photographers should send original work only. Authors can send previews and reviews of cricket matches, in-depth analysis on cricket related events and news. Photographers can send photos related to cricket matches, cricketers, stadiums and other related images.



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How to send Cricket articles and photographs?



1. Articles and photos should be sent as Email attachments only.



2. Articles should be sent in MS Word format and sent them as email attachments. You should provide following details.




Mobile number:


Postal address:


Statement: It is my original work and not copied from any print/electronic source.



3. Photos should have good resolution and you should own copyright on them.




Payment information:



1. Each Article: Rs. 200-300. Amount of payment will depend on the quality of the cricket article.



2. Each Photo: Rs. 40-80. Payment will depend on resolution, significance and other factors.




If you want more info, please call/mail me.



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