IPL Official website is now live


Official website of Indian Premier League (iplt20.com) is launched by Live Current Media who also maintains bcci.tv. They want to present this site in the mould of English Premier League football club sites where you can view match videos, interact with fellow fans and shop for cricket merchandise. Live Current Media also owns cricket.com.


Live Current Media Inc. will work in association with Indian Premier League in maintaining the official website of IPL. They are paying $ 50 million to BCCI over 10 years as part of deal. As per agreement, popular cricket websites like Cricinfo and Cricket365 can’t able to provide live updates and commentary of IPL cricket games but TV news channels can broadcast short clips during news time.


From now onwards, IPLT20.com is the official online portal for Indian Premier League.


Highlights of the website:


1. Comprehensive multimedia section comprising of Audio, Video and photographs.


2. Live scorecards of IPL twenty20 matches.


3. Analysis (Previews and Reviews) of IPL Cricket matches.


4. Fantasy cricket game application for facebook users.


5. Profiles and interviews of IPL Cricketers and teams.


6. Schedule and results of Indian Premier League matches.


7. Tickets availability information.


8. IPL Contests and polls for interactivity.


9. Email newsletter with latest IPL news updates.


10. Records and other statistical information of Indian Premier League.


11. You can shop for cricket merchandise on iplt20.com


Improvements needed:


1. No live streaming of IPL cricket matches.


2. You need to pay to download videos and pictures.


My Rating: 4/5.

Click here to visit the official website of Indian Premier League.

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