Ravindra Jadeja episode


Ravindra Jadeja:


What is the cause for a very promising player in the T20 format to sit at home twiddling his thumbs, when the world’s most exciting T20 tournament is going on? Who is responsible for Ravindra Jadeja’s current situation?


Was it plain greed on the part of Jadeja, temptation to earn a few more bucks or is it much more than that?


Could it not be the fault of the Mumbai Indians management who may have instigated Jadeja to cross the thin line of professional ethics?


Was the Rajasthan Royals management trying to exploit a performing cricketer by underpaying him, making him feel insecure by not confirming his place in the team and then crying foul when he lost patience and decided to try new avenues ?


Has the BCCI penalized him more harshly than the situation warrants? A ban for a couple of matches, a hefty fine would have taught him a lesson. A ban for the entire tournament for a budding T20 player may jeopardize his future in this format of the game. Let’s assume that the BCCI is honest when it says that it did not want to set a bad precedent. But would a similar precedent have been set if the player involved had been senior or influential? 


Then, why was the Mumbai Indians franchise let off with a warning? They too deserved and could afford a harsher punishment. They may have convinced the gullible Jadeja that he was committing no wrong. Here, the BCCI did not seem to have any worries of precedent setting.


This episode is a lesson for players especially the younger lot that when it comes to rules and regulations, they should strictly go by the book. Whatever be the motive or reason for digressing, they would be the losers. And more importantly, when the rules are not clear, don’t tempt fate; just play safe.


Author: Pratibha Shenoy.


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